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Changing lives - Creating futures

Insider Access training is all designed to be completely inclusive, regardless of literacy skills or past education.  
Our programmes are designed to engage non- traditional learners, inspire and motivate, helping all learners regardess of previous learning experiences, TO LEARN TO LEARN and develop a curiosity and desire for more!

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Training in Jobcentres
Insider Access provides innovative training in conjuction with Jobcentre Plus offices.  The unique 'Open Your Mind' two day motivational course has big impact on Jobcentre clients, providing the inspiration for many long term unemployed to start taking control of their lives again.  On completion of the course, learners achieve a nationally recognised NCFE Award qualification and have access to both a reference and ongoing mentoring.  Referrals to the programme are through participating Jobcentre Plus offices.  Please contact us for further information.

Working with JSA, ESA and Universal Credit clients, the 'Open Your Mind' programme has inspired may particpants to take the next steps into work experience, employment and further training.

" This course will help you re-evaluate your potential". Client @ JCP Witney
"This is by far the best and most insightful course that I have been on".  Client @ JCP Witney 

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Training in Probation
The unique Insider Access two day motivational enterprise course is provided to offenders and ex-offenders in
participating Probation Offices.  The programme is designed to help offenders and ex-offenders understand their potential in life and how to take steps to achieve their goals in life.  For individuals who have lost their way in life the course instills a 'Can Do' attitude, for those considering self employment, the course lays a motivational platform for progression.  

On completion of the course, learners achieve a nationally recognised NCFE Award qualification and have access to both a reference and ongoing mentoring.  Please contact us for further information.

" I made me think on what I want to acheive, my passion, my hobbies and where I want to see myself in the future.  It gave me confidence".  
Client @ MK Probation
"I am really grateful have this course.  It has helped me to know what I want in the future".  Client @ Thames Valley Probation

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Training in Prison
Insider Access provides inspirational two day programmes for prisoners in custodial settings.  The programme is aimed at helping to empower prisoners to challenge 'Learned Helplessness' and start planning a new positive future.  Whether a short or life sentence, this bite size programme has a real impact on attitudes, motivation and goal setting, helping to reduce the likelyhood of re-offending and support positive resettlement and employability.  For many participants in prison, the programme creates a framework to re-evaluate what their goals in life are and how they can make a positive impact back into society.  Insider Access works with offenders from all backgrounds.

On completion of the course, learners will receive a Customised Qualification accredited by NCFE and have access to both a reference and ongoing 1:1 mentoring both in prison and 'Through the Gate'.

"Brilliant course, well worth the time spent.  Once completed "YOU CAN DO IT" takes on a new meaning". Prisoner 
"Highly recomended.  Gave me that push I needed". Prisoner

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3rd Sector Organisations
Insider Access provides a range of training through 3rd sector organisations working with disadvantaged groups in society.  This training can be tailored to the needs and most suitable times of learners.

"Fantastic course, delivered with excellence". Learner in Luton
"I feel very fortunate to have been invited to be part of this course - throughly enjoyed every moment.  DO IT AND CHANGE! Learner in Luton

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